July 20, 2018, 10:35 AM

July 20, 2018

9:40 AM  •
Devin Coldewey / TechCrunch:  San Francisco says it expects to issue permits for its 24-month electric scooter pilot program sometime in August, selecting from 12 applicants
8:50 AM  •
Farhad Manjoo / New York Times:  Facebook executives struggle to describe a coherent strategy to deal with misinformation on the site; it's a hodgepodge of “exceptions to the exceptions”
8:15 AM  •
Saritha Rai / Bloomberg:  Sources: Facebook's plans for a nationwide rollout of WhatsApp payments service in India is being held up by government concerns over storage of user data
8:00 AM  •
James Vincent / The Verge:  Cyberattack on Singapore's largest healthcare institution SingHealth steals details of 1.5M patients, including the Prime Minister
7:55 AM  •
Abdi Latif Dahir / Quartz:  As more African governments restrict internet access, activists push back by calling them out, educating users on workarounds, and even hacking government sites
7:35 AM  •
Russell Brandom / The Verge:  Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter launch the Data Transfer Project, a data portability platform for users to move data between online service providers
7:15 AM  •
Daven Mathies / Digital Trends:  HumanEyes unveils Vuze XR, a compact, dual-lens camera that can record 360-degree 2D and 180-degree 3D at 5.7K resolution; coming later this year for ~$400
2:30 AM  •
Bloomberg:  Sources: SoftBank's Vision Fund is seeking to invest almost $1B in Chinese AI company SenseTime, which has raised more than $1.2B this year
12:18 AM  •
Kurt Wagner / Recode:  WhatsApp to test limiting the forwarding of messages to 20 chats globally and 5 chats in India in a bid to stop the spread of fake news

July 19, 2018

9:35 PM  •
Corinne Reichert / ZDNet:  The privately-owned $300M Hawaiki subsea cable connecting Australia, New Zealand, and the US, with anchor customers including Vodafone and AWS, has gone live
7:35 PM  •
Bloomberg:  Best Buy, expected to succumb to competition from Amazon, is instead thriving because of in-home consultations and “personal chief technology officers”
6:25 PM  •
Louise Matsakis / Wired:  Closed Facebook group for sexual assault survivors with 15K+ members changed admins, was invaded by trolls, and was deleted after members reported the group
5:50 PM  •
Zero Hedge:  Study: up to 95M Instagram users may be bots, or 9.5% of its total user base, up from 7.9% in 2015
5:05 PM  •
Tom Warren / The Verge:  Microsoft Surface revenue jumped 25% YoY this quarter to $1.1B; gaming revenue increased 39% YoY, with Xbox software and services revenue growth of 36% YoY
4:45 PM  •
Eugene Kim / CNBC:  Internal documents show Amazon's struggles to fix Prime Day outages as an internal system broke down and engineers scrambled to scavenge hardware
4:17 PM  •
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:  Microsoft surpasses $100B in full-year revenue and beats analyst estimates for Q4; Productivity and Businesses revenue rose 13% YoY to $9.7B
4:13 PM  •
BuzzFeed News:  Sources: Mark Zuckerberg called Trump to congratulate him after his election victory; Facebook has privately praised Trump campaign's use of its platform
4:08 PM  •
Microsoft:  Microsoft Q4: $30.1B in revenue, up 17% YoY; operating income up 35% YoY to $10.4B; Intelligent Cloud revenue up 23% YoY to $9.6B and Azure revenue up 89% YoY
3:45 PM  •
Alan Ohnsman / Forbes:  Autonomous truck startup Embark Trucks raises $30M Series B led by Sequoia Capital, bringing total funding to $47M, to expand its fleet from five to 100
3:10 PM  •
Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge:  Instagram adds a green status indicator next to online users on Direct inbox and share menus
2:45 PM  •
Celia Wan / Crunchbase News:  Baidu-owned online education startup Zuoyebang, which lets students upload homework and find solutions, raises $350M Series D led by Coatue Management
2:05 PM  •
Eric Newcomer / Bloomberg:  Uber's head of strategic finance, Prabir Adarkar, leaves to be the new CFO of DoorDash as Uber's three-year search for a CFO continues ahead of next year's IPO
1:20 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Amazon quietly rolls out “Part Finder”, which uses computer vision to let users identify screws, nuts, bolts, and more, for iOS users
12:45 PM  •
Matthew Hughes / The Next Web:  Cloudflare launches free service for state and local governments to protect election websites against cyber attacks
12:25 PM  •
Danny Crichton / TechCrunch:  Intelligent budgeting app Even raises $40M Series B led by Khosla Ventures, bringing total raised to $50.5M
12:10 PM  •
Drew Harwell / Washington Post:  Investigation shows Google Home and Alexa struggle to understand Indian, Chinese, and Spanish accents compared to accents from across America
11:55 AM  •
Paul Sawers / VentureBeat:  Insight Venture Partners closes a $6.3B fund, called Fund X, to invest in growth-stage tech companies globally
11:45 AM  •
Dan Primack / Axios:  Source: GV has for years been using an algorithm, dubbed The Machine, to help make investment decisions
11:33 AM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Facebook says it will begin proactively locking accounts of those under 13 on Instagram and Facebook, after report showed relaxed attitude by moderators
11:20 AM  •
Megan Rose Dickey / TechCrunch:  Uber partners with Cargo, which makes boxes of items such as gum, phone chargers, and snacks, to help drivers sell goods to their passengers
11:10 AM  •
Eric Geller / Politico:  Survey of election security in 50 US states shows vulnerabilities persist ahead of midterms as only 13 of 40 respondents said they would buy new voting machines
10:50 AM  •
Bloomberg:  Sources give more details on Google's Fuchsia OS, which now has 100+ engineers working on it and aims to underpin all Google's gadgets from IoT to Pixel
10:40 AM  •
Alex Davies / Wired:  Alphabet's Loon signs its first commercial agreement to work with Telkom Kenya to provide internet in central Kenya starting next year
10:25 AM  •
Zoe Greenberg / New York Times:  New York City passes bill to restrict short-term rentals, under which Airbnb would be required to provide detailed information on hosts every month to the city
9:45 AM  •
Joe Rossignol / MacRumors:  Leaked internal Apple document confirms that the 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard includes a membrane to prevent debris from entering butterfly key mechanism
9:30 AM  •
Farhad Manjoo / New York Times:  To combat China's rise in tech, the US government should spend more on the research and development of advanced technologies rather than imposing tariffs
9:00 AM  •
Li Dongmei / China Money Network:  Shanghai-based AI startup Yitu Technology, which focuses on machine vision and more, raises $100M in addition to the $200M Series C+ it raised in June
8:05 AM  •
Supraja Srinivasan / The Economic Times:  Indian online ticketing service BookMyShow raises $100M Series D led by private investment firm TPG Growth, at a post-money valuation of $850M, sources say
7:30 AM  •
Stewart Clarke / Variety:  Ofcom report: UK subscribers to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sky's Now TV hit 15.4M in Q1, overtaking the 15.1M traditional pay-TV subscribers for the first time
6:55 AM  •
Rich Gordon / Nieman Lab:  For stories like the Trump-Putin summit, Google News needs to be clearer about how its algorithm works and learn to separate commentary from factual reporting
5:00 AM  •
Felix Salmon / Wired:  Amazon has built its empire by playing freely with new ideas; besides book-selling, there isn't any market where Amazon has really disrupted the incumbents
2:05 AM  •
Natasha Lomas / TechCrunch:  Glovo, a Barcelona-based on-demand delivery business, raises €115M Series C with Spanish press reporting the round values the startup at more than €300M

July 18, 2018

11:10 PM  •
Biz Carson / Forbes:  Chinese bike-sharing company Ofo lays off majority of staff in the US as insiders say it is scaling back its global operations to focus on China
10:55 PM  •
The Information:  Siri cofounder Tom Gruber and Apple's head of search Vipul Ved Prakash have left the company after John Giannandrea was named as the leader of the Siri Group
9:30 PM  •
Richard Speed / The Register:  Microsoft announces public preview of Windows 10 IoT Core Services, which will let device manufacturers control updates for $.30/device/month after preview ends
8:20 PM  •
Davey Alba / BuzzFeed News:  Despite repeated requests, Spotify does not let users block followers to deal with harassers and says a block feature is not in its current road map
7:50 PM  •
Joseph Cox / Motherboard:  Leaked documents: Facebook moderators can ban Pages if admins get 5 “strikes” or if 30%+ of other people's posts violate its community standards within 90 days
7:35 PM  •
Reuters:  Court filing: DOJ has proposed an expedited schedule for its appeal of the ruling allowing AT&T to buy Time Warner, seeking briefs by Oct. 18
7:15 PM  •
Marshall Allen / ProPublica:  Investigation: the health insurance industry is working with data brokers to collect “lifestyle” details on hundreds of millions of Americans to predict costs
7:00 PM  •
Casey Newton / The Verge:  Facebook says it has begun removing misinformation that contributes to violence on its site, will review text and images in partnership with local organizations
6:20 PM  •
Jeremy C. Owens / MarketWatch:  Amazon Web Services CEO says that AWS is not actively building a commercial network switch, after a report said the company was considering selling its own
6:15 PM  •
Rachel Sandler / INSIDER:  Openpath, a workplace security startup that lets employees enter offices with their phone, raises $20M Series B led by Emergence Capital
5:45 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Facebook confirms users can now sync their Instagram contacts to Messenger
5:20 PM  •
Kara Swisher / Recode:  Mark Zuckerberg clarifies his comments about Holocaust deniers on Facebook: “I absolutely didn't intend to defend the intent of people who deny that”
5:10 PM  •
Natalie Gagliordi / ZDNet:  eBay reports Q2 revenues of $2.6B, up 9% YoY, vs. $2.66B est., with non-GAAP net income of $533M, up 7% YoY, and gross merchandise volume of $23.6B
4:45 PM  •
Jordan Novet / CNBC:  IBM reports Q2 revenues of $20B, vs. $19.85B expected, up 4% YoY, marking IBM's third consecutive quarter of revenue growth after five years of YoY declines
4:10 PM  •
Lily Katz / Bloomberg:  Coinbase, which on Monday said it got the green light from the SEC to move forward with a trio of acquisitions, now says it never got such an endorsement
3:30 PM  •
Zack Whittaker / ZDNet:  Researcher: a robocalling company has left hundreds of thousands of voters' data, including personal details and audio recordings, exposed on a public server
3:20 PM  •
Kirsten Korosec / TechCrunch:  Uber hires Ruby Zefo, Intel's chief privacy and security counsel, as its first-ever chief privacy officer, to report to Uber's chief legal officer
3:00 PM  •
Stephen Babcock / DC:  Verodin, which assesses cybersecurity tools' effectiveness on enterprise networks, raises $21M Series B led by TenEleven Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners
2:45 PM  •
BBC:  Roblox, an MMO game popular with kids, blames the virtual gang rape of a seven year old's character on a hack, saying malicious code was uploaded to a server
2:20 PM  •
Arielle Pardes / Wired:  Reddit begins rolling out live chatrooms, organized by subreddit and created by admins only, currently in beta
1:45 PM  •
Joe Flint / Wall Street Journal:  Netflix is creating a comedy-focused radio channel in partnership with Sirius XM, due to launch in January 2019
1:05 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Y Combinator will award grants of $10K to 100 graduates of the third year of its 10-week online Startup School program
12:40 PM  •
George Avalos / Mercury News:  eBay notifies California's Employment Development Department it's eliminating nearly 300 Bay Area jobs, including more than 200 in San Jose
12:08 PM  •
Kara Swisher / Recode:  Q&A with Mark Zuckerberg about Russia, fake news, InfoWars, Myanmar, and why he thinks Facebook shouldn't take down posts that deny the Holocaust
11:50 AM  •
Paul Sawers / VentureBeat:, which uses AI to detect early signs of time-sensitive medical conditions like stroke, raises $21M Series A led by Kleiner Perkins, with GV participating
11:20 AM  •
Supantha Mukherjee / Reuters:  Despite glitches, Amazon sold more than 100M products on Prime Day, driving record Prime sign-ups and sales; Fire TV Stick was the most popular purchase
11:05 AM  •
Sheera Frenkel / New York Times:  Researchers: Trump and his PAC spent $274K on Facebook ads viewed by at least 37M users since early May, making him the biggest political advertiser on the site
10:35 AM  •
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:  Google rebrands Cloud Launcher as GCP Marketplace, adds outside commercial and open source Kubernetes applications
10:05 AM  •
Timothy W. Martin / Wall Street Journal:  Sources: Samsung to launch phone with a 7" display that can be folded in half like a wallet early next year; Bixby speaker launching in about a month for ~$300
9:40 AM  •
Jon Russell / TechCrunch:  Apple's iCloud user data in China is now being stored by a division of state-owned China Telecom
9:20 AM  •
Kif Leswing / Business Insider:  Light, which makes a 16-lens camera, raises $121M Series D led by SoftBank's Vision Fund to bring its camera tech to smartphones and self-driving cars
8:55 AM  •
Lily Hay Newman / Wired:  Interview with nine engineers who worked on Google's Safe Browsing, which now underpins user security in all of Google's major platforms and runs on 3B+ devices
8:45 AM  •
The Keyword:  Google CEO Sundar Pichai says Android has created more choice, not less, and that Google will appeal the EU ruling
8:10 AM  •
Olivia Solon / The Guardian:  Researcher shows Venmo transactions, which are public under default user settings, reveal details including real names, comments, and dates through a public API
7:10 AM  •
Tom Warren / The Verge:  EU fines Google a record €4.3B (~$5B) in antitrust case for illegal practices regarding Android mobile devices to strengthen dominance of Google's search engine
4:35 AM  •
Ian Cutress / AnandTech:  Interview with Jim Keller, a microprocessor engineer known for his work at AMD and Apple, on his work heading up the Silicon Engineering Group at Intel
1:30 AM  •
Patricia Hernandez / The Verge:  Twitch streamers describe the sometimes psychologically taxing nature of broadcasting to no one and trying to get noticed to start building an audience

July 17, 2018

11:05 PM  •
Li Yuan / New York Times:  Zero2IPO Research: in Q1 2018, private equity and VC funds in China raised less than two-thirds of what they had raised over the same period a year ago
9:55 PM  •
Ryan Smith / AnandTech:  Consortium backed by AMD, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Oculus, and Valve announces VirtualLink spec for connecting next-gen VR headsets via single USB Type-C cable
9:10 PM  •
Robin Emmott / Reuters:  EU and Japan reach a deal on seamless user data transfer between European Economic Area and Japan; the deal should come into effect by the end of this year
8:30 PM  •
Yingzhi Yang / South China Morning Post:  Bytedance says its short video app, known as Douyin in China and Tik Tok elsewhere, has hit 500M global monthly active users
8:00 PM  •
Sarah Marsh / Reuters:  Cuba begins rolling out mobile internet provided by national telecom firm ETECSA to select users, aims to expand service to all customers by year's end
7:50 PM  •
Brian Heater / TechCrunch:  UPS tests an Amazon Key-style delivery program in New York using locks made by a startup, Latch; service works with the building, not individual apartment units
7:40 PM  •
Angela Moscaritolo / PCMag:  Google says it's building Dunant, a transatlantic cable between US and France, its second private intercontinental cable after Curie, connecting US and Chile
7:10 PM  •
Jessica Toonkel / The Information:  Sources: Walmart is considering launching a subscription streaming video service that would undercut Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on price
7:00 PM  •
Nick Statt / The Verge:  A reporter posing as a Dublin Facebook moderator found that pages from far-right groups face looser content standards; Facebook vows to improve its training
6:55 PM  •
Chris Welch / The Verge:  Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour says the company is pausing work on fixing its verification policy to focus on more important areas like election integrity
6:15 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Instagram says it is building a non-SMS two-factor authentication system that works with security apps like Google Authenticator or Duo to thwart SIM hijackers
5:55 PM  •
Alex Barker / Financial Times:  Sources: EU's fine over Google's anticompetitive Android practices, coming on Wednesday, will significantly outstrip the €2.4B fine Google received last year
5:50 PM  •
Richard Nieva / CNET:  Google says Nest CEO to exit, sources say after employee revolt; sources: Alphabet tried selling Nest to Amazon; Nest now part of Google's home devices unit
5:05 PM  •
Associated Press:  Analysis of Twitter data shows the company suspended at least 58M user accounts in the final three months of 2017
4:55 PM  •
Timothy J. Seppala / Engadget:  Giphy, in a partnership with Twitch, launches an extension that lets viewers select GIFs from a curated catalog to appear on-screen during a stream
4:10 PM  •
Jonathan Vanian / Fortune:  Slack acquires Missions, a tool that helps automate routine processes and tasks in Slack without needing to write code
3:40 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Tinder says it will begin testing Bitmoji integration in Canada and Mexico using the recently launched Snap Kit
3:30 PM  •
Joe Fedewa / XDA Developers:  Google debuts visual snapshot for Assistant, a Google Now-like feature for proactive suggestions related to your commute, upcoming events, purchases, and more
3:17 PM  •
Romain Dillet / TechCrunch:  HR software-as-a-service company Ultimate Software is acquiring French HR startup PeopleDoc for $300M in cash and stock
2:25 PM  •
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai / Motherboard:  Inside OGUSERS, a forum to trade social media and gaming handles, often stolen via “SIM hijacking” where phone numbers are stolen via carrier's customer service
1:50 PM  •
David Shepardson / Reuters:  In a hearing, Facebook, Alphabet, and Twitter tell House Judiciary Committee that they are not discriminating against content for political reasons
1:40 PM  •
Facebook:  Facebook announces a new AI lab in Pittsburgh and hires a number of new researchers for Facebook AI Research in Seattle, London, Menlo Park, and Pittsburgh
1:00 PM  •
Taylor Soper / GeekWire:  BMW's ReachNow launches Ride, a ride-hailing offering now available in Seattle, accessible alongside its car-sharing offering in the ReachNow app
12:55 PM  •
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:  Amazon's EC2 gets faster processors and new high-memory instances, as well as the ability to run a local version of EC2 inside an AWS Snowball Edge device
12:45 PM  •
Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat:  Blast raises $12M in seed round to help gamers save money when they hit in-game achievements, announces its app is available in Play Store
12:25 PM  •
Paul Sawers / VentureBeat:  Google launches Chrome Enterprise Grab and Go, a software suite to help businesses operate a Chromebook loaner program for employees
11:57 AM  •
Kim Zetter / Motherboard:  Election Systems and Software contradicts earlier statements, admits to Sen. Wyden some voting systems sold to states from 2000-2006 had remote access feature
10:45 AM  •
Ashlee Vance / Bloomberg:  Profile of Zoox, which has been building an autonomous car from scratch since 2014 and has raised $800M to date, including $500M in July at a valuation of $3.2B
9:45 AM  •
Ryan Smith / AnandTech:  Samsung announces 10nm 8GB LPDDR5 DRAM chip, targets 6.4Gbps data transfer rates and 30% reduced power
9:30 AM  •
Alex Konrad / Forbes:  Andreessen Horowitz names Connie Chan a General Partner, ending the VC firm's no-promotion policy
9:20 AM  •
Ron Miller / TechCrunch:  Dialpad, which provides conferencing software and voice transcription apps, raises $50M Series D led by Iconiq Capital
9:10 AM  •
Bloomberg:  Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya defends his work after a string of prominent staff departures and a failed expansion that have left investors dismayed
8:30 AM  •
CBC News:  Detailed medical histories and contact information of 80K+ patients in Ontario allegedly held for ransom after data breach at CarePartners healthcare provider
8:15 AM  •
Sara Fischer / Axios:  Snap partners with NewsWhip, Storyful, SAM Desk, and TagBoard to help journalists better mine the billions of public videos and photos shared on its app
7:20 AM  •
Jon Russell / TechCrunch:  Travel giant Booking Holdings, formerly known as Priceline, invests $500M in Chinese ride-hailing firm Didi Chuxing
7:10 AM  •
Wall Street Journal:  Walmart strikes a five-year strategic partnership to use Microsoft's cloud tech, AI, machine learning, and other services, as both firms look to fend off Amazon
6:45 AM  •
Sarah Jeong / The Verge:  Inside the world of self-published romance on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, where authors collaborate and compete to game Amazon's algorithm
4:50 AM  •
Kati Pohjanpalo / Bloomberg:  How Helsinki residents are getting around the city by bus, train, bike, taxi, or car, via a monthly subscription to all-inclusive transportation app Whim
2:15 AM  •
Hanna Kozlowska / Quartz:  Airbnb's approach to dealing with people with criminal convictions highlights the challenges faced by formerly incarcerated people in the sharing economy

July 16, 2018

11:20 PM  •
Jan Wolfe / Reuters:  IBM asks jury to award $167M from Groupon for alleged infringement on ecommerce patents, says Amazon, Facebook, Google licensed patents for $20M-$50M per firm
11:05 PM  •
Wall Street Journal:  Study: China is pouring money into US tech through loosely regulated VC investments with 1,300+ funding rounds representing ~$11B from 2000 through May 2018
8:45 PM  •
BBC:  The company behind a Kodak-branded crypto-currency mining rig, which was shown to the press at CES and seen as a scam by critics, has dissolved
7:30 PM  •
Romain Dillet / TechCrunch:  Fastly, a CDN provider whose clients include Reddit, GitHub, and Stripe, raises $40M Series F led by Deutsche Telekom, bringing its total funding to $219M
6:45 PM  •
NBC News:  Apple removed QDrops, an app that sent alerts about the Qanon conspiracy theory, after months near the top of the App Store; app still on Google Play Store
6:10 PM  •
Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat:  Toka, a Tel Aviv-based government-focused cybersecurity startup, raises $12.5M seed, with a16z, Launch Capital, and Dell Technologies Capital among investors
5:45 PM  •
Daniel Boffey / The Guardian:  Airbnb found in breach of EU consumer law regarding hidden costs, unclear terms and conditions, and more; regulator gives company until end of August to rectify
5:20 PM  •
Lily Katz / Bloomberg:  Coinbase says SEC and FINRA have given it the green light to list coins deemed to be securities by approving three acquisitions, including Keystone Capital
5:10 PM  •
Yimian Wu / China Money Network:  7Net, an online exam grading service provider used for more than 20,000 students in China raises ~$30M Series B, as it looks to invest in AI and expand
4:17 PM  •
Wall Street Journal:  Netflix reports Q2 membership growth of 5.2M, 1M less than forecast, and a profit of $384M, up from $65M last year; stock down 5%
3:38 PM  •
CNBC:  Amazon suffers glitches in both mobile app and desktop site as Prime Day kicks off, including shopping cart errors and endless loops when trying to get to deals
3:15 PM  •
Bloomberg:  Sources: Israeli ride-hailing service Gett mulling an exit from US by selling Juno, the startup it acquired a little over a year ago for $200M
2:50 PM  •
Katherine Guo / China Money Network:  Shanghai-based chip maker ASR Microelectronic raises $100M Series B co-led by IDG Capital, bringing the total raised to over $300M
1:40 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Microsoft launches Skype version 8.0 for desktop, with HD video, screen-sharing in calls, and improved chat, plans more features this summer like call recording
1:35 PM  •
Kif Leswing / Business Insider:  Ming-Chi Kuo report: Galaxy S10 to come in three sizes in 2019, with 5.8", 6.1", 6.4" screens; the larger two will have fingerprint sensors built into display
12:40 PM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  Instapaper says Pinterest will transfer ownership of the service to an independent company owned and operated by the team that has worked on it since 2013
12:17 PM  •
Greg Bensinger / Wall Street Journal:  Sources: Uber is being investigated by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over gender discrimination, a probe which began last August
10:50 AM  •
Steven Scheer / Reuters:  Salesforce to acquire Datorama, an Israeli cloud-based AI marketing platform; Israeli media says the deal was worth more than $800M
10:35 AM  •
Justin Kan / atrium:  Co-founder of Twitch and explains why he is not building another B2C firm and went the B2B route for his next startup, Atrium
9:55 AM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Uber rolls out new features to improve pickups, like giving riders in US and Canada guaranteed pickup windows, offering a $10 credit if scheduled rides are late
9:25 AM  •
Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge:  Roku unveils Roku TV Wireless Speakers that use company's Roku Connect platform to link-up with Roku-powered smart TVs over WiFi, coming in October for ~$200
8:55 AM  •
Michael J. de la Merced / New York Times:  Investing in SoftBank Is Becoming a Bet on Its Founder's Deal-Making Prowess
6:40 AM  •
Taylor Lorenz / The Atlantic:  Some of the biggest meme accounts on Instagram have gone private in recent months as their owners say it's a new way to gain followers on a crowded platform
4:05 AM  •
Jessica Guynn / USA Today:  Facebook's diversity efforts fall short as just six African-American and ten Hispanic women serve as senior managers in the US, out of 769 such jobs
1:50 AM  •
Kyle Samani / Multicoin Capital:  An attempt to describe Web3 stack, the many component parts of crypto ecosystem being built by hundreds of teams all over the world

July 15, 2018

11:25 PM  •
Rob Price / INSIDER:  Sources describe a dysfunctional culture at Meitu, a Chinese selfie app maker with 400M+ MAUs, with public shamings of staff, seemingly arbitrary firings, more
9:50 PM  •
Carole Cadwalladr / The Guardian:  Profile of UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, who gave Facebook a £500K fine over Cambridge Analytica and is investigating data misuse during Brexit
8:15 PM  •
Catherine Shu / TechCrunch:  Headout, a mobile travel app for booking last-minute tours, activities, and tickets to local events, raises $10M Series A to grow from 21 to 100 cities globally
6:40 PM  •
Joan E. Solsman / CNET:  Smule rebrands its Sing! Karaoke app, which lets users record music videos solo or as duets with other users or artists, to Smule, says the app has 50M MAUs
5:05 PM  •
Matt Weinberger / Business Insider:  Online game creation platform Roblox, which is reportedly raising at a $2.4B valuation, says it's on track to more than double developer payouts to $70M in 2018
2:15 PM  •
The Guardian:  Lancaster University's Litcraft uses Minecraft to create accurate scale models of places from books like Treasure Island to promote reading among school kids
11:10 AM  •
Amanda Lee / South China Morning Post:  As mobile payments in China proliferate, People's Bank of China warns businesses not to refuse cash payments from customers

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