August 1, 2014, 8:20 PM

August 1, 2014

7:55 PM  •
Elliot Bentley / Wall Street Journal:  New Twitter experiment provides definitions for some hashtags
6:40 PM  •
Andrew Cunningham / Ars Technica:  Formerly Nexus-only Google Now Launcher out for all Android 4.1+ devices
6:30 PM  •
Automotive News Automaker:  Mobileye closes first day of trading up 48% after raising $889.7M in IPO
6:00 PM  •
Michael McWhertor / Polygon:  Dong Nguyen releases “Flappy Birds Family” with two-player mode, exclusive to Amazon Fire TV
4:45 PM  •
Harrison Weber / VentureBeat:  Airbnb officially closes its $475 million megaround
4:35 PM  •
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:  Microsoft files Android patent-royalty suit against Samsung
4:15 PM  •
Gautham Nagesh / Wall Street Journal:  FCC Seeks to Ban Joint Bids by Wireless Companies at Spectrum Auction
4:10 PM  •
Jonathan Stempel / Reuters:  Apple $450 million e-book settlement wins court approval
3:35 PM  •
Bloomberg:  Google Said to Plan Separating Photo Service From Google+
3:30 PM  •
Stephanie Mlot / PC Magazine:  Picture of an HTC One (M8) running Windows Phone found on Verizon's site
3:15 PM  •
Hannah Karp / Wall Street Journal:  Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers will oversee iTunes Radio
2:55 PM  •
Peter Kafka / Re/code:  YouTube's consumer products lead, who worked on music subscription service, leaves for Spotify
2:35 PM  •
Adi Robertson / The Verge:  As of today, Americans can legally unlock their phones again
1:50 PM  •
Liam Spradlin / Android Police:  Exclusive: Google Exploring ‘Google Workshop’ To Take Customized Smartphone Cases To A New Level
1:00 PM  •
Charlie Osborne / ZDNet:  MakerBot buys European reseller Hafner's Büro, launches MakerBot Europe
12:30 PM  •
Reuters:  Mobileye raises $889.7M in IPO, up more than 50% in early trading, now valued at $8B+
12:14 PM  •
Romain Dillet / TechCrunch:  Facebook back up, after being down for almost an hour for many
12:00 PM  •
Todd Bishop / GeekWire:  Former MTV CEO Judy McGrath joins Amazon's board
11:45 AM  •
Brad Chacos / PC World:  Surface Pro 3's Core i3 and Core i7 models available today
11:30 AM  •
Reuters:  Chinese employees at Microsoft's Nokia arm protest mass layoffs
11:10 AM  •
Steve Dent / Engadget:  Take a look at HP's luxury smartwatch
10:50 AM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  Apple officially welcomes Beats to the family as Beats moves online sales to Apple's site
8:59 AM  •
Kristen Schweizer / Bloomberg:  Vivendi Sells Its 13% Beats Stake to Apple for $404 Million
8:15 AM  •
RT:  Legislative restrictions on popular bloggers come into force in Russia
5:00 AM  •
Deepa Seetharaman / Reuters:  Amazon expands its test of offering assembly, installation and repair services to NY, LA
1:55 AM  •
Tom Bell / The Portland Press Herald:  Google barge docking in Portland sold, structure on top of it to be scrapped

July 31, 2014

11:55 PM  •
Brett Douville / Happion Labs GameDevBlog:  Launching an indie game on Xbox One cost one developer $5K, $4K in required Microsoft insurance and rating fees
10:20 PM  •
Louise Radnofsky / Wall Street Journal:  Poorly Managed Construction Cost $840 Million, Watchdog Finds
9:15 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Facebook's Slingshot introduces ‘reactions-to-reactions’, for photo, video, or text replies to reactions
8:25 PM  •
eBay Inc.:  eBay employee demographics: globally, 42% female; in US, 61% white, 24% Asian, 7% black, 5% Hispanic
8:10 PM  •
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:  Apple Stores to finally begin iPhone 5s display replacements on August 4th
7:25 PM  •
Mike Derezin / LinkedIn Sales Solutions Blog:  LinkedIn iterates on its Sales Navigator tool, releases it as a standalone SaaS product
6:21 PM  •
Lizette Chapman / Wall Street Journal:  Alibaba Invests $120M in Mobile Gaming Co. Kabam at Valuation More Than $1 Billion
6:20 PM  •
Mark Scott / New York Times:  Google Details Problems With Handling Right to Be Forgotten Requests
5:30 PM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  Microsoft releases Office for iPad update with PDF exporting, presenter view, third party fonts, more
5:20 PM  •
Paul Sawers / The Next Web:  Wikipedia goes fully native on iOS and now lets you edit articles too
5:05 PM  •
Paul Thurrott / SuperSite for Windows:  IE 11 on Windows Phone will soon support non-standard web features akin to iOS and Android
4:45 PM  •
Jordan Kahn / 9to5Google:  Hulu Plus Android app update offers users more free content including Hulu Originals
4:25 PM  •
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:  LinkedIn Beats The Street In Q2 On Sales Of $534M, EPS Of $0.51
4:25 PM  •
David Meyer / Gigaom:  Wunderlist becomes a platform, aiming to be “the home of all the world's lists”
4:05 PM  •
Larry Dignan / ZDNet:  Oracle buys TOA Technologies, fills in field service gaps
3:45 PM  •
Kim-Mai Cutler / TechCrunch:  Stripe Backs Non-Profit Decentralized Payment Network Stellar, From Mt. Gox's Original Creator
3:25 PM  •
Ben Woods / The Next Web:  BBM for Windows Phone 8 beta is now available for anyone to download
3:05 PM  •
Billy Steele / Engadget:  NFL players to wear shoulder pad RFIDs for on-field stats tracking
2:45 PM  •
Kim-Mai Cutler / TechCrunch:  Twitter Acquires Password Security Startup Mitro, Open Sources Its Product
2:45 PM  •
Larry Neumeister / Associated Press:  NY judge, ruling against Microsoft, says US warrant can access email stored in Ireland
2:25 PM  •
Brad Molen / Engadget:  With Qi wireless charging, you'll soon be able to charge your device from a short distance
1:50 PM  •
Mark Mazzetti / New York Times:  C.I.A. Admits Penetrating Senate Intelligence Computers
1:45 PM  •
Colleen Taylor / TechCrunch:  Timeful, The Khosla And Kleiner Backed Time Management App, Launches On iOS
1:25 PM  •
Erin Griffith / Fortune:  Palantir snaps up Propeller — its second deal this week
1:05 PM  •
Dan Rayburn /  Apple's CDN Now Live: Has Paid Deals With ISPs, Massive Capacity In Place
12:45 PM  •
Jordan Crook / TechCrunch:  Indiegogo Goes Mobile With International Launch Of iOS App
12:25 PM  •
Ben Woods / The Next Web:  Twitter transparency report: Account info requests up 46%, still no national security breakdown
12:20 PM  •
Ben Fox Rubin / CNET:  iFixit's Oculus Rift teardown finds Samsung display, 40 LEDs
12:00 PM  •
Wall Street Journal:  French telecom Iliad has made a $15 billion offer for T-Mobile US
11:45 AM  •
Andy Greenberg / Wired:  Security researchers say USB security is fundamentally broken; hard-to-detect malware in the firmware can take over Macs/PCs, no easy fix
11:20 AM  •
Liam Tung / ZDNet:  IBM snaps up Italian cloud security vendor CrossIdeas
10:55 AM  •
Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch:  Runtastic's $120 Orbit Fitness Tracker Prizes Function And Features Over Fashion
10:45 AM  •
Nick Summers / The Next Web:  PlayStation Now game streaming service hits open beta today on PS4 in the US and Canada
10:30 AM  •
Parmy Olson / Forbes:  Xiaomi now world's fifth largest smartphone maker; Android captures record 85% market share in Q2
10:05 AM  •
Eric Slivka / MacRumors:  Shazam Brings Always-On Music and TV Recognition to Mac With Free Menu Bar App
9:45 AM  •
Sophie Knight / Reuters:  Sony warns smartphone weakness will brake profit progress after first-quarter surge
8:50 AM  •
Ina Fried / Re/code:  T-Mobile Adds 1.5 Million More Customers, Swings to Profit on Spectrum Sale
8:15 AM  •
Rolfe Winkler / Wall Street Journal:  Google Will Add Ratings to Search-Results Ads So They Look More Like Amazon
6:45 AM  •
David Pierce / The Verge:  Lytro Illum review: an expensive, flawed, buggy glimpse of the future of photography
4:50 AM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Internet.Org's App With Free Access To Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Local Info Launches In Zambia
4:15 AM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  NomadPlus Transforms an Apple Charger Into a Portable Battery
1:55 AM  •
Carolyn Said / San Francisco Chronicle:  Medical marijuana delivery service Eaze launches in SF, hoping to be the “Uber of pot”
12:30 AM  •
Josh Ong / The Next Web:  Google releases the source code for its I/O 2014 app as a template for developers
12:25 AM  •
Min-Jeong Lee / Wall Street Journal:  Samsung VP: two new smartphones coming within six months, one with a “large screen”, the other with “new materials”

July 30, 2014

11:50 PM  •
Brooke Crothers / CNET:  DisplayMate: Surface Pro 3 has one of the best, most accurate displays available on any mobile platform and OS
11:15 PM  •
Alex Chitu / Google Operating System:  64-Bit Chrome for Windows, Now in Beta
10:40 PM  •
Chris Duckett / ZDNet:  Samsung mobile profit down by a third in 2Q 2014
10:05 PM  •
Ryan Whitwam / Android Police:  Samsung's Milk Music Update Adds $3.99 Premium Subscription Option
9:30 PM  •
Elliot Njus / Oregonian:  Portland legalizes Airbnb-style short-term rentals
9:05 PM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  1Password debuts extension for third party apps on iOS 8
8:30 PM  •
Reuters:  European regulators training sights on Google's mobile software
7:55 PM  •
Jon Russell / The Next Web:  SocialRank now lets you analyze your Twitter followers based on location and keywords
7:20 PM  •
Sam Gustin / Motherboard:  FCC Chairman: Verizon Uses a ‘Disturbing’ Loophole to Throttle Unlimited Data
7:05 PM  •
Agam Shah / PC World:  AMD announces dev kit with 64-bit ARM-based server chips for $2,999; paves way for x86 coexistence
6:20 PM  •
Diane Bartz / Reuters:  Senate report claims unauthorized wireless cramming charges cost consumers hundreds of millions
5:25 PM  •
Biz Carson / Gigaom:  BitPay cuts transaction fees on starter plan, making bitcoin payment processing free (and unlimited) for merchants
5:10 PM  •
Ernesto / TorrentFreak:  Popcorn Time Adds Apple TV Support, iOS App Coming Soon
4:55 PM  •
James Temple / Re/code:  HealthTap debuts $99/month service for 24/7 video, audio, and chat access to licensed doctors
4:40 PM  •
Greg Bensinger / Wall Street Journal:  PayPal Will Expand Business and Consumer Lending Outside the U.S.
4:25 PM  •
Kara Swisher / Re/code:  Interim No More: Rob Glaser Named Permanent CEO of RealNetworks
4:20 PM  •
Alex Wilhelm / TechCrunch:  Yelp Swings To Profitability In Strong Q2 With $88.8M In Revenue, EPS Of $0.04
4:05 PM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  Apple TV overhaul not expected to debut until 2015
3:40 PM  •
András Neltz / Kotaku:  Xbox One launching in China on September 23, becoming its first major home console since PS2
3:20 PM  •
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:  Movidius Launches Improved Version Of The Vision Processor That Powers Google's Project Tango
3:00 PM  •
Janko Roettgers / Gigaom:  BitTorrent starts testing Bleep, its new P2P messaging platform
2:40 PM  •
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:  Heads rolling at Beats as Apple eliminating redundant positions, Ian Rogers & Trent Reznor to stay on
2:30 PM  •
Walt Mossberg / Re/code:  Exclusive Interview: Best Buy CEO Says Tablet Sales Are “Crashing,” Hope for PCs
2:05 PM  •
Ryan Knutson / Wall Street Journal:  Virgin Mobile intros customizable prepaid smartphone plans with options for unlimited data on certain services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
2:00 PM  •
Mike Futter / Game Informer:  Sony: EA Access Doesn't ‘Represent Good Value To The PlayStation Gamer’
1:40 PM  •
Ryan Lawler / TechCrunch:  Andrew Mason's Audio Tour App Detour Steers You Away From The Typical Tourist Traps
1:20 PM  •
Noah Rayman / TIME:  You Can Now Donate to Wikipedia in Bitcoin
1:15 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Pinterest Acquires Icebergs, The Pinterest For Creatives
1:05 PM  •
Maria Kiselyova / Reuters:  Russia wants access to Apple and SAP source code to see if their products are used for spying
12:45 PM  •
Sam Byford / The Verge:  ‘Mario Kart 8’ fails to stem growing Nintendo losses
12:25 PM  •
Eduard Kovacs / SecurityWeek:  Tor Warns of Attack Attempting to Deanonymize Users
12:05 PM  •
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:  Hangouts Now Works Without Google+ Account, Becomes Part Of Google Apps For Business And Gets SLA
11:45 AM  •
Michael Carney / PandoDaily:  EXCLUSIVE: Payments giant First Data acquires Gyft in an effort to bring digital gift cards to the masses
11:25 AM  •
Marcus Wohlsen / Wired:  Square prepares new reader with support for forthcoming cards with embedded computer chips
10:55 AM  •
Jon Fingas / Engadget:  FreedomPop's free data and voice are now available on tablets
10:35 AM  •
Bloomberg:  Snapchat Said in Funding Talks With Alibaba at $10 Billion
10:30 AM  •
Bloomberg TV / @bloombergtv:  BREAKING: Snapchat said in financing talks with Alibaba at $10B valuation
10:25 AM  •
Kevin Fitchard / Gigaom:  Virgin Mobile intros a blank-slate smartphone plan you can customize any way you like
10:20 AM  •
Brad Smith / Wall Street Journal:  Microsoft's general counsel on how the government wants the right to access emails stored abroad
10:05 AM  •
Roger Cheng / CNET:  Sprint stems customer bleeding in return to Q1 profit
9:50 AM  •
Eric Jackson / Forbes:  After several costly errors by CEO Marissa Mayer, Yahoo could use another activist investor
9:15 AM  •
Jonathan Vanian / Gigaom:  AT&T, IBM Research and ACS create faster way to distribute bandwidth in the cloud
8:30 AM  •
Jay Yarow / Business Insider:  Q&A with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo: Why Twitter Was Able To Blow Away Expectations This Quarter
6:30 AM  •
Catherine Shu / TechCrunch:  Amazon To Invest $2B In Its India Marketplace As Competition With Flipkart Intensifies
4:55 AM  •
Joe Belfiore / Windows Phone Blog:  Windows Phone 8.1 Update expands Cortana to new countries, adds “Live” folders on start screen, and more
1:55 AM  •
Gautham Nagesh / Wall Street Journal:  Consumers OK with Data Limits on Wireless, But Not Wired Broadband
12:40 AM  •
Derrick Harris / Gigaom:  Twitter acquires deep learning startup Madbits
12:05 AM  •
Nick Summers / The Next Web:  Microsoft's OneNote for Mac and iOS apps now let you insert Office docs, reorganize notes, and more

July 29, 2014

11:10 PM  •
Kim Zetter / Wired:  Report estimates damages of NSA surveillance to US business, foreign policy, global security
11:05 PM  •
Garett Sloane / Adweek:  Twitter Is Considering Any Change that Will Convert Visitors to Logged-In Users Even filtering tweets
10:10 PM  •
Kif Leswing / Gigaom:  StumbleUpon rolls out a UI redesign for Android with an emphasis on social notifications
9:15 PM  •
Anthony Ha / TechCrunch:  Palantir Acquires Social Polling Startup Poptip
8:25 PM  •
Shane Harris / Foreign Policy:  Ex-NSA head Keith Alexander says his new company IronNet Cybersecurity invented unique technology to detect hackers, will file at least nine patents
7:40 PM  •
Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg / Wall Street Journal:  Amazon willing to retain its current 30% of digital revenue if Hachette lowers e-book prices to $9.99
7:35 PM  •
Kara Swisher / Re/code:  Stock Soars 30 Percent as Twitter Beats Street on Q2 User Growth, Revenue and Even Turns in a Profit
7:25 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Facebook Is Shutting Down Gifts To Focus On Its Buy Button And Commerce Platform
7:20 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  Apple's Smartphone Market Share Slips as Huawei, Lenovo Make Gains
6:45 PM  •
Andy Fixmer / Mashable:  Netflix Signs Peering Deal With AT&T to Reduce Buffering
6:10 PM  •
Alex Hern / Guardian:  US government increases funding for Tor, giving $1.8m in 2013
5:25 PM  •
Michael Kan / PC World:  Microsoft faces anti-monopoly probe in China over Windows, Office
5:01 PM  •
Peter Kafka / Re/code:  Twitter to Wall Street: We're Big Now — And We'll Be Really, Really Big in the Future
4:55 PM  •
Anthony Ha / TechCrunch:  Twitter Q2 user growth: average of 271M MAUs, up 24% year-over-year; 211M mobile MAUs, making up 78% of all active users
4:50 PM  •
Bloomberg:  Ford switching 3,300 workers from BlackBerry to iPhone this year
4:35 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Instagram launches Bolt, its one-touch photo and video messaging app, in Singapore, South Africa, and New Zealand
4:15 PM  •
Alex Wilhelm / TechCrunch:  Twitter Skyrockets After Reporting Big Q2 Revenue Of $312M, Profit Of $0.02 Per Share
4:08 PM  •
Twitter:  Twitter reports Q2 2014 results: revenue $312M, up 124% year-over-year, net loss of $145M
4:05 PM  •
Sebastian Anthony / ExtremeTech:  Nvidia quadruples display resolution by stacking two cheap LCD panels on top of each other
3:30 PM  •
Jason Del Rey / Re/code:  Former CEO Marc Lore gets $55 million investment for e-commerce startup Jet
3:00 PM  •
Andy Greenberg / Wired:  Open Whisper Systems releases Signal iOS app for free encrypted voice calls; encrypted texts coming soon
2:35 PM  •
Joshua Ho / AnandTech:  Nvidia Shield tablet review: compelling gaming features come at the cost of battery life; few native multiplayer games at launch
2:10 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Flickr Rolls Out A New Commercial Licensing Program To Compete With 500px And Others
1:45 PM  •
Yannick LeJacq / Kotaku:  EA announces subscription service for Xbox One: $5/month or $30/year for access to Fifa 14, Peggle 2, Madden NFL 25, and Battlefield 4 to start
1:40 PM  •
Julian Chokkattu / TechCrunch:  Airbnb Partners With San Francisco And Portland For Emergency Preparedness
1:25 PM  •
Marco Arment /  Ubiquitous competition in the app market is hurting the quality and sustainability of iOS apps
1:00 PM  •
Paul Sawers / The Next Web:  Asana's productivity platform gets a native mobile app, redesigned and optimized for iPhone and iPad
12:35 PM  •
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:  Apple TV updated with FOX NOW, CNBC channels
12:10 PM  •
Nick Summers / The Next Web:  Medium finds a revenue stream with Re:form, a new collection of stories sponsored by BMW
12:05 PM  •
Reuters:  U.S. Senate bill proposes sweeping curbs on NSA surveillance
11:55 AM  •
Tom Warren / The Verge:  Microsoft is about to launch a selfie phone and a new ‘high-end’ Windows Phone
11:30 AM  •
Dan Goodin / Ars Technica:  Certificate verification flaw in Android since 2.1 granted malicious apps special access to resources, potentially exposing sensitive user data
10:55 AM  •
Brad Sams / Neowin:  Microsoft adds another feature to Cortana, Foursquare data now serves up recommendations
10:30 AM  •
Karissa Bell / Mashable:  LinkedIn Redesigns Mobile Profiles to Put Relationships Into Context
10:10 AM  •
Larry Dignan / ZDNet:  BlackBerry acquires mobile security firm SecuSmart, an anti-eavesdropping provider
9:35 AM  •
Jared Sinclair:  “Unread” app sales show how hard it is for indie developers to earn a living from paid-up-front apps
8:30 AM  •
Jonathan Shieber / TechCrunch:  Enterprise Investments Surge To Over $5.4 Billion
7:15 AM  •
Andy / TorrentFreak:  UK police start placing anti-piracy warning ads on copyright-infringing websites
6:20 AM  •
Jon Russell / The Next Web:  Flipkart raises $1 billion to strengthen its bid to own India's e-commerce space
5:11 AM  •
Richard Padilla / MacRumors:  Apple Launches Retina MacBook Pros with Faster Haswell Processors, More RAM Standard
4:20 AM  •
Issie Lapowsky / Wired:  This Is What Tech's Ugly Gender Problem Really Looks Like
1:55 AM  •
Ryan Lawler / TechCrunch:  Uber Gets Down To Business With New Travel Expense Tools And Concur Integration
12:15 AM  •
John Cook / GeekWire:  Rhapsody tops 2 million paid subscribers, expands music service overseas with mobile deals

July 28, 2014

11:45 PM  •
Kif Leswing / Gigaom:  TouchPico lets you project an Android screen onto any wall, control it with a stylus
10:50 PM  •
Florian Mueller / FOSS Patents:  Apple drops cross-appeal, forever accepts denial of injunction in first Samsung case
10:05 PM  •
Peter Kafka / Re/code:  Twitter Won't Unveil New Growth Metrics for Q2 Earnings
9:20 PM  •
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:  A/B Testing Service Leanplum Raises $4.8M Series A Round, Adds Marketing Automation Tools
8:45 PM  •
Brian Krebs / Krebs on Security:  Hackers Plundered Israeli Defense Firms that Built ‘Iron Dome’ Missile Defense System
8:10 PM  •
Jon Brodkin / Ars Technica:  Windows comes to Raspberry Pi-style board in Microsoft/Intel project
7:35 PM  •
Paul Sawers / The Next Web:  Yelp for iPhone now lets you add 12-second videos to your reviews, Android to follow soon
7:10 PM  •
Ron Amadeo / Ars Technica:  Multiple reports say Google and Motorola are planning a Nexus phablet
6:45 PM  •
Quentyn Kennemer / Phandroid:  LG launches new Android tablet/netbook hybrid with 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD and an Intel Core i5
6:20 PM  •
Julio Alonso / Medium:  Spain's lower house approves tax on online news aggregators; requires paying for news snippets
6:10 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Facebook Forces Users Worldwide To Download Messenger For Mobile Chat
5:40 PM  •
Peter Kafka / Re/code:  AT&T, Verizon offer HBO with basic cable and internet for $40-50; still no cable-free option
5:05 PM  •
Jon Russell / The Next Web:  Tango takes on Snapchat's popular Stories feature with a new Spotify-powered photo app
4:40 PM  •
Liz Gannes / Re/code:  Jonathan Teo and Justin Caldbeck found Binary Capital, raise $125M for consumer tech fund
4:25 PM  •
Tom Warren / The Verge:  Microsoft pits Siri against Cortana in new Windows Phone 8.1 ad
3:50 PM  •
Alex Wilhelm / TechCrunch:  Senate Expected To Unveil Broad NSA Reform Bill Tomorrow
3:25 PM  •
Tom Warren / The Verge:  Fitbit is the first fitness band to support Windows Phone
3:00 PM  •
Dan Palmer / CoinDesk:  Blockchain Returns to Apple iOS with New Bitcoin Wallet
2:35 PM  •
Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch:  NPR One Delivers A Curated Public Radio Stream For The Smartphone Era
2:15 PM  •
Craig Karmin / Wall Street Journal:  Most Hilton locations worldwide will let customers unlock rooms with their smartphones by 2017
1:55 PM  •
Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge:  OkCupid admits that it experiments on users, just like Facebook
1:35 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Bolt, Instagram's photo-messaging app expected to launch this week, may face legal challenge over name
1:15 PM  •
Jon Fingas / Engadget:  Next-generation lithium cells will double your phone's battery life
12:50 PM  •
Ryan Lawler / TechCrunch:  It's Business Time: Airbnb Targets Work Travelers With Concur Partnership
12:25 PM  •
Mitchell Baker / The Mozilla Blog:  Interim Mozilla CEO Chris Beard appointed as permanent CEO
12:10 PM  •
Arik Hesseldahl / Re/code:  Amazon Fire Phone Costs $205 To Build, Teardown Shows
11:45 AM  •
Ben Woods / The Next Web:  Amazon launches a portal dedicated to customizing and selling 3D-printed products
11:20 AM  •
South China Morning Post:  Microsoft confirms China probe, reportedly over antitrust, after four offices visited
8:50 AM  •
Michael J. de la Merced / New York Times:  Zillow to Buy Trulia for $3.5 Billion in All-Stock Deal
8:45 AM  •
Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch:  Zillow To Acquire Trulia In $3.5B Stock-For-Stock Deal
8:35 AM  •
Steve Dent / Engadget:  Europe approves Apple's $3 billion takeover of Beats
6:40 AM  •
Kashmir Hill / Forbes:  How Your Security System Could Be Hacked To Spy On You
5:15 AM  •
Lisa Fleisher / Wall Street Journal:  European Startups Raise Highest Quarterly VC Financing Since 2001
4:10 AM  •
Liz Gannes / Re/code:  Apple to Buy Radio App Swell for $30 Million
1:55 AM  •
Builtvisible:  A history of the undersea cables that carry much of the world's international internet traffic

July 27, 2014

10:30 PM  •
Mike Isaac / New York Times:  Reddit, still unprofitable, looks to grow ad revenues without alienating users
9:10 PM  •
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:  Apple Stores to soon open up iPhone sales via AT&T Next, T-Mobile JUMP, & Verizon Edge
4:40 PM  •
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:  Amazon apparently set to launch Square-competitor in August as it develops biometric payment solutions
12:50 PM  •
Tom Warren / The Verge:  Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 includes support for folders and interactive cases

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