September 30, 2014, 9:45 AM

September 30, 2014

9:35 AM  •
steve cheney:  On The Future of Apple and Google
9:00 AM  •
New York Times:  With ‘Crouching Tiger’ Sequel, Netflix Takes Aim at Hollywood
8:25 AM  •
Reuters:  News Corp to buy real estate website operator Move for $950 mln
7:35 AM  •
New York Times:  Senior Amex exec Daniel Schulman joins PayPal as president, will become CEO after split
7:30 AM  •
Lauren Goode / Re/code:  Intel's Basis Takes Second Stab at Health Watch, With Peak
7:20 AM  •
David Faber / CNBC:  John Donahoe to step down as CEO of eBay after eBay and PayPal split takes effect in 2015, replaced by Devin Wenig
7:15 AM  •
Jim Edwards / Business Insider:  Apple Defends The Irish Tax Arrangement That Allegedly Saved It Billions Since The '90s
7:10 AM  •
Jason Del Rey / Re/code:  What the eBay Split Means for PayPal
7:05 AM  •
eBay Inc:  eBay Inc. to Separate eBay and PayPal into Independent Publicly Traded Companies in 2015
4:35 AM  •
Tom Fairless / Wall Street Journal:  EU Believes Apple's Irish Tax Deal Breached Rules
4:15 AM  •
Paul Carsten / Reuters:  China OKs iPhone 6 sale after Apple addresses security concerns
4:10 AM  •
David Meyer / Gigaom:  UK launches “sharing economy” review, but don't expect deep examination of workers' rights
1:55 AM  •
Associated Press:  Another Card System Hack at Supervalu, Albertsons
1:40 AM  •
Apple:  iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Available in China on Friday, October 17
1:00 AM  •
Eric Slivka / MacRumors:  iOS 8.1 Carries Hidden Settings for Apple Pay, References Touch ID Support for iPad
12:05 AM  •
Phil Goldstein / FierceWireless:  Neustar, slated to lose federal number-portability contract to Telecordia, claims bid did not include sufficient security requirements

September 29, 2014

11:10 PM  •
Ben Sisario / New York Times:  Judge Rules Against Grooveshark in Copyright Infringement Case
10:05 PM  •
Giulio Minotti / Phonebloks Blog:  Project Ara to use modified Android L, allowing all but CPU, display modules to be hot-swapped
10:00 PM  •
Wall Street Journal:  SoftBank, DreamWorks Animation Talks Cool
9:05 PM  •
Yevgeniy Sverdlik / Data Center Knowledge:  Cisco adds 30 companies to Intercloud initiative, commits $1B to loan to buyers of its gear
7:40 PM  •
David Kravets / Ars Technica:  CEO of StealthGenie arrested on charges of designing spyware app for stalkers
7:35 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  Bug in iOS 8's “Reset All Settings” appears to be erasing all iWork documents in iCloud Drive
7:00 PM  •
Eriq Gardner / Hollywood Reporter:  Beats files lawsuit against Steve Lamar for claiming co-founder status
6:35 PM  •
Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat:  HP adds to its Windows Stream line, with laptops from $200, tablets from $100, available November
5:50 PM  •
Mike Beasley / 9to5Mac:  Apple releases patch for Shellshock vulnerability for OS X Mavericks, Lion, and Mountain Lion
4:40 PM  •
Ben Sisario / New York Times:  eMusic will no longer offer songs from big labels, focusing only on indies starting Oct. 1
4:15 PM  •
Ryan Mac / Forbes:  Zalando Worth $6.8 Billion After Pricing IPO At More Than $27 A Share
3:40 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Apple Rejects Launcher, The App That Lets You Launch Other Apps From iOS 8 Notification Center
2:55 PM  •
Mathew Ingram / Gigaom:  Chartbeat gets certified to measure attention, tries to move advertising away from clicks and pageviews
2:25 PM  •
Kyle Russell / TechCrunch:  Tango's new Labs initiative launches Tango Music Pix, its first stand-alone app that lets you create photo and song slideshows
2:05 PM  •
Buster Hein / Cult of Mac:  Apple poaches Visa's NFC payments expert to expand Apple Pay in Europe
1:45 PM  •
Steve Dent / Engadget:  Jawbone's trackerless Up app syncs with Apple Health, other fitness services
1:30 PM  •
Jordan Kahn / 9to5Google:  Adobe's Creative Cloud apps coming to Chromebooks, starting with an in-browser, beta version of Photoshop for US-based educational customers
1:15 PM  •
Sonja Cheung / Wall Street Journal:  Google Capital makes first China investment, co-leads $38M Series C in InnoLight, manufacturer of high-speed optical transceivers
1:05 PM  •
Stephen Konig / Google Chrome Blog:  Google and Adobe announce Creative Cloud for Chromebooks, will start with streaming version of Photoshop for US-based Adobe education customers
12:55 PM  •
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:  In Threshold, Microsoft will introduce new methods for building, testing, and updating Windows
12:45 PM  •
Tim Worstall / Forbes:  Despite several published reports, the European Commission is not fining or even accusing Apple of anything
12:35 PM  •
Jeff John Roberts / Gigaom:  Circle opens its global bitcoin service to the public in 7 languages
12:25 PM  •
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:  Apple developing iOS 8.1, 8.2, & 8.3 in shift for 2015 launches
12:15 PM  •
FireEye Blog:  FireEye observes significant amount of malicious traffic leveraging Shellshock bug in Bash, suspects this is a dry run before a potentially larger-scale attack
12:10 PM  •
Ginny Marvin / Marketing Land:  Google Beefs Up Mobile Ad Offerings For Brands With New Formats & Tools
11:55 AM  •
Yevgeniy Sverdlik / Data Center Knowledge:  HP Starts Shipping 64-bit ARM Servers
11:45 AM  •
Lora Kolodny / Wall Street Journal:  San Francisco-based personal finance service Credit Karma raises $75M at a valuation over $1B
11:35 AM  •
Laura Lorenzetti / Fortune:  Instagram founder Kevin Systrom joins Wal-Mart's board
11:25 AM  •
Gerry Shih / Reuters:  Lenovo says $2.1 billion IBM x86 server deal to close on Wednesday
11:15 AM  •
Natasha Lomas / TechCrunch:  Qubit Bags $26M To Grow Its Ecommerce Personalization Platform
11:05 AM  •
Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat:  It's official: Microsoft finally launches Xbox One in China
10:55 AM  •
New York Times:  Gray market for iPhones in China dries up, driving iPhone 6 price down from $1960 to $1060
10:50 AM  •
Liana B. Baker / Reuters:  Vista Equity to buy Tibco Software for $4.3 billion
10:40 AM  •
Larry Seltzer / ZDNet:  Shellshock makes Heartbleed look insignificant
10:30 AM  •
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:  Retina iMacs with OS X Yosemite in late testing within Apple, could launch soon
10:20 AM  •
Brian Heater / Digital Trends:  Manufacturing the future: How 3D printing went from pipe dream to your desktop
10:05 AM  •
Matthew Prince / CloudFlare:  CloudFlare launches Universal SSL for free, doubling the number of encrypted websites to 4M
9:50 AM  •
David Meyer / Gigaom:  Uber tries to get German cab drivers on board with UberTaxi launch
9:30 AM  •
Edward Wyatt / New York Times:  With Perspective From Both Sides of His Desk, F.C.C. Chairman Ponders Net Neutrality
8:45 AM  •
Kyle Russell / TechCrunch:  Shyp Launches In New York City, And Miami Is Next
8:10 AM  •
Josh Horwitz / Tech in Asia:  Mobile messaging app FireChat flares up in Hong Kong amid Occupy Central protests
7:10 AM  •
Keiko Morris / Wall Street Journal:  Microsoft to open flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan sometime in 2015
5:15 AM  •
AppleInsider:  European Commission seeking retroactive tax windfall from Apple Inc subsidiary in Ireland
4:10 AM  •
Peter Kafka / Re/code:  Facebook Will Use Facebook Data to Sell Ads on Sites That Aren't Facebook
1:50 AM  •
Kyle Orland / Ars Technica:  Samsung Gear VR hands-on: a solid virtual reality experience, but lack of lateral head tracking noticeable

September 28, 2014

11:45 PM  •
Jonathan Vanian / Gigaom:  Oracle launches upgraded cloud platform with database and Java available as a service
10:15 PM  •
Anthony Ha / TechCrunch:  Facebook Relaunches Atlas Ad Platform With Cross-Device Targeting And Offline Sales Tracking
9:40 PM  •
Erika Adams / Racked National:  How case makers prepare for iPhone launches, often risking thousands on unconfirmed specs
8:05 PM  •
Economist:  Schmidt's “How Google Works” encourages managers to think big, fail fast, rely on data, but these principles may not apply to the average company
6:45 PM  •
Ryan Vlastelica / Reuters:  Instagram reportedly blocked in China amid Hong Kong protests
6:30 PM  •
Ron Amadeo / Ars Technica:  Android Auto developer docs show off more UI, detail 3rd-party apps
5:25 PM  •
Michael Crider / Android Police:  AT&T Promotion Doubles Some Mobile Share Value Data Plans (From 30GB Up To 100GB) From Now Until October 31st
4:20 PM  •
Kim Masters / Hollywood Reporter:  Japan's SoftBank reportedly in talks to acquire DreamWorks Animation in a deal valued at $3.4B
4:00 PM  •
Nathan Grayson / Kotaku:  Sony to shut down Playstation Home virtual social hub in March 2015, after six years
3:25 PM  •
Casey Johnston / Ars Technica:  Innocuous LGBT sites are often blocked on Wi-Fi provided by businesses like Gogo
2:20 PM  •
Arik Hesseldahl / Re/code:  Oracle to announce it will offer its database and Java in the cloud, taking on Microsoft Azure
1:30 PM  •
Jeffrey Toobin / New Yorker:  The history of the “right to be forgotten”, and a look inside Google's removal process
12:00 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: Competition Between Apple and Google is More Brutal Than Ever
10:30 AM  •
Peter Bright / Ars Technica:  Microsoft resurrects WinHEC conference after six years, to focus on PC, smartphone and tablet hardware
9:20 AM  •
Reuters:  Alibaba pays $459 million for stake in Chinese hotel tech company
8:15 AM  •
Peter Kafka / Re/code:  RIAA: revenues from music streaming services have replaced those lost from online sales
5:40 AM  •
Scot Wingo / Amazon Strategies:  Amazon expands fulfillment center network, bypasses UPS sorting with own “sortation centers”
1:55 AM  •
Janko Roettgers / Gigaom:  As Roku grows, it's moving towards pay-to-play for successful channels

September 27, 2014

11:35 PM  •
William Alden / New York Times:  Marc Andreessen says many startups with high cash burn rates will vaporize when market turns
9:30 PM  •
Erin Griffith / Fortune:  Ello plans to charge for features, like a one-time fee of $2 to manage two different accounts
7:25 PM  •
Kara Swisher / Re/code:  Forget AOL — Activist Attack on Yahoo Is All About Forking Over Alibaba Cash
5:20 PM  •
Sean Gallagher / Ars Technica:  Experts: Shellshock is just partially patched, underlying problem with Bash remains unsolved
3:15 PM  •
Brian Knowlton / New York Times:  US State Department fights ISIS social media propaganda with accounts like @ThinkAgain_DOS
1:10 PM  •
Nicole Perlroth / New York Times:  Unpaid programmer who maintains Bash may have inadvertently introduced Shellshock bug in 1992
8:10 AM  •
Consumer Reports Online:  Consumer Reports test results find iPhone 6 and 6 Plus not as bendy as believed
1:55 AM  •
Mike Beasley / 9to5Mac:  iOS 8's MAC address randomization feature, intended to prevent location tracking, requires cellular data, location services off
12:05 AM  •
Kurt Wagner / Re/code:  Secret launches Ping, an app that sends content notifications, says no ties to Secret app

September 26, 2014

10:10 PM  •
Wall Street Journal:  SK Telecom Agrees to Acquire Shopkick
9:50 PM  •
Anthony Ha / TechCrunch:  HotelTonight launches 7-day advance booking, adds weather forecast, theme browsing features
9:40 PM  •
Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Land:  The Yahoo Directory — Once The Internet's Most Important Search Engine — Is To Close
8:30 PM  •
Karl Bode / DSLreports:  Citing its unpopularity, Comcast discontinues Streampix as a stand-alone offering, adding it as part of Xfinity TV
7:15 PM  •
Vivian Ho / San Francisco Chronicle:  Uber driver charged in San Francisco after allegedly hitting passenger in the head with a hammer
6:50 PM  •
Jason Del Rey / Re/code:  Amazon Fresh grocery delivery business launching in New York City as early as October
5:40 PM  •
Sean Gallagher / Ars Technica:  New “Shellshock” GNU bash patch issued, addressing vulnerabilities discovered in first fix
5:05 PM  •
Adrianne Jeffries / The Verge:  Comcast appoints VP to fix customer experience, admits it may take years to improve reputation
4:40 PM  •
Francesco Guarascio / Reuters:  European aviation agency gives the go-ahead for airlines to permit use of 3G, 4G networks on devices above 3,000 meters
4:05 PM  •
Vlad Savov / The Verge:  Samsung Galaxy Alpha review: great design comes with a premium price, poor software and disappointing display
3:40 PM  •
Nick Summers / The Next Web:  Vine for Android gets advanced editing tools and the option to import videos
3:15 PM  •
Alex Konrad / Forbes:  Jawbone has closed on $147M of the $270M it set to raise in February at a $3.3B valuation
2:45 PM  •
Charlie Osborne / ZDNet:  Amazon's deal to acquire Twitch for $970M is now complete
2:30 PM  •
Reuters:  Uber ban upheld by courts in Berlin and Hamburg
2:15 PM  •
Carmel DeAmicis / Gigaom:  Ello investor, co-founder: Funding or not, we hate ads and we want to “shift values”
1:50 PM  •
Benjamin Mayo / 9to5Mac:  Apps with HealthKit integration start appearing in App Store following iOS 8.0.2 fixes
1:35 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Pinterest To Launch New Ad Targeting And Conversion Tracking Features
1:10 PM  •
Lisa Eadicicco / Business Insider:  Google now requires Android device makers like Samsung to pre-install and prominently display up to 20 Google apps
12:45 PM  •
Emil Protalinski / The Next Web:  Yahoo plans to close Yahoo Education, Qwiki and Directory next quarter
12:25 PM  •
Nicholas Carlson / Business Insider:  Activist investor Starboard buys stake in Yahoo, urges Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to merge with AOL
12:15 PM  •
Johana Bhuiyan / BuzzFeed:  Discounted UberX Fares Are Now Permanent In NYC
11:55 AM  •
Emil Protalinski / The Next Web:  Thom Yorke releases album via a BitTorrent Bundle in test of paid torrents, free single, $6 album
10:55 AM  •
Douglas MacMillan / Wall Street Journal:  Slack acquires two-person bootstrapped startup Spaces, for collaborative document editing, has 60K paid users
10:30 AM  •
Ron Amadeo / Ars Technica:  Samsung has more employees than Google, Apple, and Microsoft combined
8:55 AM  •
Roger Cheng / CNET:  BlackBerry CEO: 200,000 Passports ordered since launch
7:30 AM  •
CNBC:  BlackBerry reports smaller than expected loss of $207M in Q2, revenue fell to $916M from $1.57B a year ago
4:30 AM  •
The Moscow Times:  Russia Asks Facebook, Google, Twitter to Comply With Law on Data Storage
1:55 AM  •
Andy Weir / Neowin:  Surface Pro 3 cleared for take-off, with FAA/EASA Electronic Flight Bag approval
1:30 AM  •
Danny Sullivan / Marketing Land:  Dear News Corp & Google: An Open Letter On Their Open Letters To Each Other Over Competition
12:50 AM  •
Rene Ritchie / iMore:  Apple: OS X safe from Bash exploit unless users configured advanced Unix services, fix coming
12:30 AM  •
Tiernan Ray / Tech Trader Daily:  Intel Takes $1.5B, 20% Stake in China's Tsinghua, To Market Intel Chips with Spreadtrum

September 25, 2014

11:25 PM  •
Joan Lowy / Associated Press:  FAA's upcoming traffic control system, NextGen, not designed to handle drones
10:40 PM  •
CJ Arlotta / Talkin' Cloud:  Docker Adds Top Language Stacks to Docker Hub Registry for Developers
10:15 PM  •
San Francisco Chronicle:  LA and SF district attorneys threaten Uber and Lyft with new legal action, say they're operating illegally
10:05 PM  •
Jordan Kahn / 9to5Mac:  Apple kicks off iPhone 6 sales in 20 more countries starting w/ New Zealand
9:40 PM  •
Ben Grubb / Sydney Morning Herald:  Australian Senate clears law enabling Internet monitoring, jail for disclosing classified info
9:25 PM  •
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:  Goodreads updates its iOS app with new home feed, streamlined navigation and improved shelving
8:50 PM  •
Sal Cangeloso /  Seek Thermal: A $199 thermal cam add-on for iOS and Android
8:30 PM  •
Bloomberg:  Manager in charge of iOS testing was in charge of testing Maps during 2012 debacle; a look inside the team's procedures
8:20 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  Apple releases iOS 8.0.2 with fixes to cellular, touch ID issues; says only 40K iPhone 6/6+ devices affected by 8.0.1 bugs
8:10 PM  •
Brad Chacos / PC World:  Sorry, folks: Samsung's curvaceous Galaxy Note Edge is a ‘limited edition concept’
8:00 PM  •
Jeff Barr / Amazon Web Services (AWS):  Amazon confirms EC2 reboot due to Xen hypervisor issues, says less than 10% of instances will be affected
7:40 PM  •
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:  Instagram Lets You #Selfielapse By Adding Front-Facing Camera Option To Hyperlapse
7:05 PM  •
Josh Lowensohn / The Verge:  A behind-the-scenes look at Apple's iPhone testing facilities
6:50 PM  •
Brian Fung / Washington Post:  The FAA is letting Hollywood use drones — and more exemptions are on the way.
6:45 PM  •
Rachel King / ZDNet:  Symantec promotes Michael Brown from interim to permanent CEO
6:35 PM  •
Andy Baio /  With its $435K seed funding, Ello is unlikely to sustain its “ad-free” model, and will need to turn a profit
5:55 PM  •
Jason Del Rey / Re/code:  Facebook Is Partnering With Stripe to Power “Buy” Button
5:50 PM  •
Eric Slivka / MacRumors:  New Mac Mini Finally Coming in October Alongside New iPads?
5:40 PM  •
Lora Kolodny / Wall Street Journal:  FiveStars Raises $26M to Help Small Businesses Do Loyalty Rewards
5:20 PM  •
Harrison Weber / VentureBeat:  Yahoo transparency report: Data requests drop, but FISA stats are worrying
5:00 PM  •
The Huffington Post:  FBI discussed marketing of device encryption settings with Google and Apple; director says he's “very concerned”
4:20 PM  •
Janko Roettgers / Gigaom:  Netflix subscribers stream more than 90 minutes a day globally, 45 GB of data every month
4:00 PM  •
Stacey Higginbotham / Gigaom:  Insteon integrates with Microsoft Cortana for voice control in the home
3:40 PM  •
Serena Saitto / Bloomberg:  Big data analytics startup Context Relevant raises $13.5M from Goldman Sachs, Bank of America
3:20 PM  •
Aaron Couch / Hollywood Reporter:  Twitter to serve targeted ads for movies, beta testing will begin in the next few months
3:05 PM  •
Gail Sullivan / Washington Post:  Social network Ello, which unlike Facebook does not enforce real names, sees rapid growth amid interest from LGBT community
2:25 PM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  Apple: Bending in iPhone 6 Plus From Normal Use ‘Extremely Rare’, Only 9 Customers Have Complained
2:00 PM  •
Craig Whitlock / Washington Post:  FAA said to be planning to let filmmakers operate drones in populated areas
1:40 PM  •
Nick Summers / The Next Web:  Valve launches its Steam Music Player with free Half-Life and Portal video game soundtracks
1:15 PM  •
Rachel Whetstone / Google Europe Blog:  News Corp says Google makes a platform for piracy, stifles competition, more; Google responds
12:50 PM  •
Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat:  Google's mobile game Ingress enables 7M players to create user-generated missions
12:35 PM  •
Eva Dou / Wall Street Journal:  Teenage students in Chinese vocational schools forced to work 12 hours/day in tech factories
12:20 PM  •
Michael Calia / Wall Street Journal:  DirecTV shareholders approve $48.5B merger with AT&T; deal still requires US regulatory approval
12:00 PM  •
Deborah Gage / Wall Street Journal:  Hadoop Developer Cask, Formerly Continuuity, Goes Open Source
11:45 AM  •
Foo Yun Chee / Reuters:  Facebook to win EU approval for $19 billion WhatsApp bid: sources
10:45 AM  •
Lisa Vaas / Naked Security:  Disgruntled employees are increasingly e-sabotaging businesses, FBI says
9:05 AM  •
Kurt Wagner / Re/code:  Hootsuite raises $60M at a $1B valuation, acquires Zeetl to integrate voice calls in social media
8:30 AM  •
Liam Tung / ZDNet:  First attacks using Bash bug discovered in the wild, available patch only a partial fix
1:20 AM  •
Juli Clover / MacRumors:  Apple Says iOS 8.0.2 Update is in the Works, Directs Users to Reinstall iOS 8

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